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Laboratory Services: Renown for what matters.

Lisa W., Manager of Laboratory Services at Renown Health, was born and raised in Northern Nevada. She’s worked with us for 15 years and is looking for more caring, patient-oriented people to join her team.

“Helping people in the Reno area to be healthy is of great value to me,” says Lisa. “Building a great team is how I can provide the best outcomes for our patients and the community at large.”

“We look for positive, solid, quality people to join Laboratory Services at Renown,” Lisa continues. “A customer service attitude and elevated technical skills are highly valued and sought out because that’s what leaves our patients with a smile. Having people who are driven and caring will ensure our continued growth as the leading community laboratory.”

When asked to describe what makes working at Renown different and special, Lisa explains that “there is a family culture being cultivated in the Lab and this trickles down to the patients. Our team wants to do the very best they can each and every day – for each and every person, for each specimen touched. This is evident in the work and concern that our team provides on every level.”

“Of course, there’s also much to be said about living in our community,” she smiles. “My family enjoys hiking, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing and snowshoeing in the Sierras. We even have a yurt where we go camping. There’s a lot to do in the City of Reno too. Art, theater, and just walking around in mid-town or enjoying great food with friends.”

“We have opportunities for Laboratory professionals at all levels of experience,” Lisa concludes. “Come join us if you have what it takes to do your best work in serving our community every day.”

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Our careers – and our patients –
will inspire you.

Our team at Renown Rehabilitation Hospital is known for compassionate work with patients and their families. We are tireless in our commitment to helping others recover their strength and restore their functionality so that they can safely return back to the community and once again enjoy an active life.

As the region’s only CARF-accredited hospital, we offer a comprehensive integrated inpatient rehabilitation program with outcomes that exceed national benchmarks. Patients at Renown Rehabilitation Hospital have shorter hospital stays and leave with a higher level of independence.

That’s all because of the unparalleled expertise of our patient-centered team in areas that include:

Brain Injury 
Spinal Cord Injury 
Orthopedic Injury 
Amputation or Trauma 
Neurological Disorders 
Case Management

We invite you to learn more about Renown Rehabilitation Hospital with a virtual tour, meet some of our patients on video, and apply online to join us in your rehab specialty.

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Renown Health Nursing: Training and Work With a Purpose

We’re proud to offer an environment for our nurses that provides professional skill advancement and the opportunity to make an impact on community health and wellness.

The Professional Advancement for Clinical Excellence (PACE) Program is available to eligible registered nurses in acute and transitional care positions. It pays a bonus to nurses who expand and enhance their clinical skills through higher education, national certifications, committee participation, mentoring, teaching, and more. We asked our RNs that have participated in this program about their experience.

Lanette said, “PACE has helped me grow by getting a new certification, seeking out Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) and using it in my everyday work. Becoming a member of the American Nurses Association has also enlightened me.”

Her colleague, Laura, agrees, saying that the program pushes her to “learn and grow in my profession. Amanda also chimes, “PACE encouraged me to go back and pursue higher education.”

If you want to know what it’s like to be a nurse at Renown Health, Mary, a veteran nurse with 40 years of experience says, “Renown’s mission statement and strategic plan support my personal values and life plan. I feel I am a part of a team that is innovative and a leader in community health and wellness.”

Do you want to make an impact on community health and wellness? Learn more about nursing careers at Renown Health!

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Like Father Like Sons: Meet the Howells

As we flipped the calendar to June and saw Father’s Day approaching, one Renown dad’s story was top of mind: Brian Howell.

Brian has been part of the Renown Health family for 11 years, starting as a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst and moving up to a Database Administrator. What makes his story special is that he has not one, but TWO sons that also work for us here at Renown Health.

“I left a large multi-national company hoping to achieve a better work-life balance,” says Brian. “Renown has been a great place to work, and I think they saw how much I enjoyed the work I do as well as the people I work with.”

Joel, a Data Integration Analyst for us at Hometown Health, told us, “We grew up with computers in the house at an age younger than most so I got early exposure to computers and technology. That has grown into a passion for both and has led me to a career here in Renown IT.”

Likewise, Ian, a Software Developer, says that because of this early exposure to technology at home, he chose to go to the same school as his father, Coleman University, to learn programming skills.

Brian says that working at the same company as his sons has been a great experience. “At one point, we all worked in the same location and would go to lunch together almost daily. We all work in different locations now and don’t see each other at work as often but I get a great sense of pride in having my sons work at Renown. I love to hear about the great work they do from others. I’m grateful they have a chance to work for a company like Renown.”

When they’re not working, this trio likes to enjoy baseball games and have run the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey together multiple times representing Renown and Hometown Health.

What advice does Brian have for his sons? “Continue to find work that is challenging, rewarding, meaningful, as well as fun! Renown has been a great place to work that offers all of those!”

We’d also like to extend a warm congratulations to Ian, who became a father himself in April to a baby girl named Alex.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Renown dads and fathers everywhere who are strong role models and an inspiration for future generations!

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You don’t need a college degree to work in healthcare.


Class of 2019 high school graduates, apply now!

If you’re ready to get to work as soon as you graduate high school, we have good news! Renown Health is hiring for non-clinical, entry-level positions.

There are a lot of important jobs in the healthcare field that don’t require higher education. You can learn on the job and get exposure to different career paths that you might want to train for in the future. Some of the positions you may be eligible for include:

  • Sterile Instrument Technician
    This position is vital to the Surgical Services Department as well as other clinical departments which cannot function without the instrumentation and equipment prepared by this staff.

  • Patient Access Representative
    This position performs all registration, scheduling, order entry and reception functions and may float to various admitting sites within the health system.

  • Housekeeping
    This position is responsible for the sanitary, orderly and attractive condition of all patient care areas/rooms and other public areas within the health system.

Full-time and part-time openings are available. We offer flexible schedules and great benefits including tuition reimbursement and student loan repayment. Search jobs and apply online now at careers.renown.org.

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Meet Megan Pagni, a Top Talent 2018 Winner


Inside Renown features monthly profiles of the 2018 Top Talent of the Year winners. This month, it’s Megan Pagni, Vice President of Payer Contracting.

Megan was nominated for Top Talent for taking the initiative to enhance the services of her department and building relationships with our payers to address challenges. She is a strategic thinker and has been instrumental in achieving significant financial savings with our organizational contracts.

“As part of the effort to build our payer relationships, we’ve worked to facilitate a greater understanding and appreciation of the services and value Renown provides in Northern Nevada, in addition to facilitating opportunities for more effective interactions between our payers and the Renown team,” Megan said. “Witnessing some of the great progress and collaboration that has evolved over the past few years has been truly rewarding.

Megan loves working at Renown because of the people. “It is such a gift to work with so many bright, talented, passionate people who genuinely care about making a difference,” she said. “I also love working in an organization committed to positively influencing healthcare and our community at large.”

Megan was born in Reno and grew up in a very active family, learning to ski when she was just three years old and hiking up Mount Rose for the first time at age 10. “Because of growing up here, I learned to love anything outdoors – skiing, mountain biking, hiking, golfing, cycling, fly fishing, backpacking,” Megan said. “I feel like the Reno-Tahoe area provides the magical opportunity to have it all, right in our backyards.”

She said she and her husband – also a Reno native and a partner at a local law firm – spend most of their non-work time trying to keep up with their three children, ages 18, 16 and 12. “They each add their special brand of color, adventure and joy to our lives, keeping us in constant motion with track meets, competitive soccer, Taylor Swift concerts, tennis, cross country meets, math questions, and frequent trips to Yogurt Beach,” she said.

In the community, Megan is currently board chair for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Nevada and said she is “really passionate about the impact mentoring can make on a child’s life. I feel like it really fits in with Renown’s values in bettering our community.”

Thank you for living our values, Megan, and congratulations on being one of our Top Talent of the Year 2018 Winners!



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Meet Jessica Moore, a Top Talent Winner for 2018


Inside Renown features monthly profiles of the 2018 Top Talent of the Year winners. This month, it’s Jessica Moore, Social Work Care Coordinator.

Jessica was nominated for Top Talent for coordinating a response to a suicidal patient which ultimately saved that person’s life. She also works on community projects such as a sex trafficking task force and process improvement initiatives. She also started an employee support group for traumatic case and post-case follow up.

Jessica loves working at Renown because she gets to provide a unique and wonderful service to patients and families in the Emergency Room. Her peers consider her the guiding light for families during tragic and hard times.

Jessica finds it “a humbling experience being among a great team of ER physicians, trauma surgeons, RNs, techs as well as being a part of the community of law enforcement, REMSA and other community providers.”

Jessica loves the Reno/Tahoe area specifically because “Tahoe is close, San Francisco is a few hours away, the mountain air is so clear and crisp, you get all of the seasons (sometimes all in the same week), and it’s spread out enough to enjoy the space you live in.”

Jessica’s family is very supportive and really admires the work she does. We admire your work, Jessica! Congratulations on being one of our Top Talent of the Year 2018 Winners.


Pictured above, Jessica Moore (left) with her leader, Mary Matteoni, Supervisor of Social Services



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Dr. Slonim, Renown Marketing and Communications Earn National Award for Thought Leadership Campaign


It’s another national honor for our President and CEO, Dr. Tony Slonim, and the Marketing and Communications team at Renown Health. The Thought Leadership Campaign for Dr. Slonim earned first place in the Executive Visibility category of the 2018 Nonprofit PR Awards, which are given by media outlet PR Daily.

Dr. Slonim’s appearance in national media was the goal for this campaign. PR Daily called the plan “detailed and meticulously crafted,” noting that it featured strong research, audience identification, implementation and evaluation.

Research included assessing which national healthcare CEOs were posting on social media and how those posts accounted for coverage elsewhere. It also explored best practices of PR officers working for healthcare companies with a national focus.

After identifying audiences, including employees, the Communications team set up social media accounts and guided Dr. Slonim’s use of them, including his own Twitter account. There was also video content added to the CEO Blog on BestMedicine and a CEO playlist on Renown Health’s YouTube channel.

The results included what PR Daily called “a remarkable amount of national coverage from outlets including CNN, USA Today, The Washington Post and The New York Times.”



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Dr. Slonim is Set to Take the Stage at TEDxUniversityofNevada Feb. 23


For the second time, Dr. Tony Slonim, Renown President and CEO, will be sharing details on Renown’s health innovations as part of TEDxUniversityOfNevada. For the 2019 edition, the “big idea” that he will share is all about our genetic study, the Healthy Nevada Project, and how it is changing the health landscape in Nevada – and how we are looking to change health nationwide.

For his talk, Dr. Slonim will discuss the difference between health and healthcare, and how the Healthy Nevada Project is the epitome of that idea. With 35,000 Nevadans embracing this idea, Slonim will talk about his hopes for that number to grow as we help to create a Healthy USA.

The TEDx event takes place starting at 8 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 23, at Reno-Sparks Convention Center. The event features Dr. Slonim along with other speakers and performers from around the country. It’s a day of deep thought, exciting new ideas and community networking. Healthy Nevada Project employees will also be there to test those who are interested.

Seating is limited for the TEDx event. General admission is $89, and a group sale discount is available for groups of 10 or more. Student tickets will cost $25 and are also available for purchase at the Wolf Shop on the UNR campus. Learn more at its ticket site or main website.



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New Renown Rehab Employees Truly Experience Patient Life During Training Sessions


At Renown Rehabilitation Hospital, they are taking the concept of We C.A.R.E. one step further. As part of orientation for the facility, they are assigned a typical case and diagnosis and then have to live for half of the working day as that patient, including spending time in a wheelchair going through a typical patient schedule. They also learn about an actual patient and what they are going through on that particular day.

As part of “Patient Experience: A Lesson in Caring and Compassion,” they may be a patient with stroke, one with a high risk for falls, to give just two examples. They are assigned a room and a nurse and go through a typical therapy schedule for their condition, receive a meal tray and also see what response is like for a bed alarm.

Several employees who have gone through this program have walked away with a greater empathy and understanding of what their patients go through. Princess Dela Cruz, RN, wrote in her training essay that it was the first time she was ever in a wheelchair.

“I think it is a brilliant idea to have clinical professionals go through an experience like this,” she wrote. “It gives us more understanding and compassion for our patients.”

Even though she admits it “wasn’t too appealing,” Cruz’s eating of a different kind of diet during the training also helped strengthen her own compassion. She also praised the therapists at the facility after going through a session: “I had the chance to see how the patients are during therapy and see how amazing and brilliant our therapists are.”

Another RN at the facility, Blair Garbarino, said she enjoyed the entire process. “I see how busy the patients are during the day and got a first-hand feel for some of the challenges they are managing,” she wrote. “One of the working nurses made a point to come up and talk to us, changing to a crouch to be more at eye-level. That really showed how intimidating the ‘hovering’ stance can be. I certainly will be taking these lessons with me as I move into my daily patient care.”

Kelly House, Patient Experience Representative for Renown Rehab, said that the employees are clearly showing that they understand the patient experience better once the training is complete.

“Once they are providing care, our employees really can feel what the patients are going through because they put themselves in that position,” House said. “I think it’s a huge accomplishment to have this training here, and for us to keep it going. From nurses to CNAs to therapists, it just brings them closer to how the person is really feeling. I think everyone should go through it here, even if you’ve been here 20 years.”