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New Program for Employees Can Help Your Department Following a Crisis Situation

When a traumatic event takes place within your department or unit, it can be devastating to everyone involved. This is one reason why Renown Health has started a benefit for employees to help in times of crisis: the Critical Incident Stress Management program, or CISM.

The CISM team is an interdisciplinary group of employees whom are certified debriefing facilitators. Any employee can request a CISM debriefing after traumatic events such as unexpected deaths, Code Blue calls, severe workplace injury, co-worker deaths or a mass casualty incident, among others.

The goal of the debriefing is to improve employee mental health, promote and enhance self-care, and provide additional resources to employees when necessary. The debriefing will be scheduled 24-72 hours after the event has occurred.

The CISM team is also seeking members. To that end, Renown is hosting a paid two-day training course from the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation for employees interested in becoming trained CISM facilitators.