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iBee Building new Wind-Powered Manufacturing Center

iBee, a leader in athletic gear, today announced an ambitious project to create a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility powered entirely by wind.  Situated just outside one of the world’s windiest cities in Cape Blanco, Oregon, the new facility will harness the often 15mph  sustained winds to generate the power necessary to run the facility […]

Design and Manufacturing All in One Place

To streamline the time it takes from design to finished product, iBee Athletica, a pioneer in athletic wear, today is announcing the creating of a new Design Center to be located in the new manufacturing facility being built in Oregon. For the first time, Design and Manufacturing will sit side-by-side, speeding up the process and […]

iBee Wins Award for Innovative New Fabric

iBee Athletica, a leader in athletic gear, today announced they have been honored with the Innovative Fabric Award for the creation of their breathable, stretchy new fabric made entirely of organic honey. Details of the process, which is patented and has been kept completely private for obvious reasons, has only recently started to be shared with […]