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A career built on love.

We all choose our careers for different reasons. A natural talent, a unique interest, or a passion we can’t deny. Joe, a clinical respiratory therapist at Renown Health, came to his calling in a very personal way -– choosing to enter the field after his son passed away from respiratory issues.

He started his career here as a respiratory aide while he was still in school. “I had the chance to work in multiple departments,” Joe tells us. “After school, I went through the Respiratory Apprentice Program which helped me grow my career at Renown.” Today, he is a clinical respiratory therapist at Renown Children’s Hospital, where he passionately helps other kids and families fight the good fight.

Outside of work Joe enjoys an active lifestyle. “I live in north Reno on 50 acres and enjoy working on my property,” he says. “I also like to hunt, fish and camp. In addition, I volunteer for Nevada Bighorns Unlimited and have been a member of the board there.”

If you’re looking for a place where you can love your work — and life — as a respiratory therapist, come fight the good fight with us. Apply online now at: https://careers.renown.org/job-search-results/?keyword=respiratory

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Amazing since day one.

Nafisha had always wanted to be a nurse, and she found her opportunity here at Renown Health. She started as a Certified Nursing Assistant Apprentice, which taught her the basics of patient care.

“I was so fortunate to be part of the CNA Apprentice Program. My experience confirmed and validated my love for nursing,” says Nafisha. “I heard about the Nurse Apprenticeship while I was still in the CNA program.”

“Renown has been amazing to me in every way since day one,” she continues. “First, they helped me obtain my CNA license and then with tuition reimbursement so I could attend nursing school. I am at this point in my life because of the guidance and support I received.”

During Nafisha’s Nurse Apprenticeship, she worked in labor and delivery, which was the specialty she wanted to pursue. “It allowed me to be hands on and observe the flow of the unit,” she explains. “My supervisors and managers were so helpful too. They worked with my schedule so I could attend school at the same time.”

As part of the Renown nursing team, Nafisha has also learned what it means to fight the good fight. “It’s about doing the right thing, and providing the best care for our patients and their family members. After all, I’m a mom myself, with two little boys.”

If you would like to explore opportunities for a nursing career, visit the Nevada Apprenticeship Project page at http://www.nvapprenticeship.org/students/#cna

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Respect, recognition, and a rewarding career at Hometown Health.

There are many reasons that Samantha, a customer service representative with Hometown Health, enjoys her career here. “The people and the environment are amazing,” she exclaims. “You are always shown respect and when you do something you are recognized for your accomplishments.”

One of Samantha’s accomplishments is going to school for her degree in Healthcare Management. “Not only does the tuition reimbursement help immensely, my leaders are always helping me obtain new skills that can further my goals,” she says with a smile.

There are also other benefits that make a difference in her life as a busy mom. Samantha shares that she has three kids, including two boys with ADHD, saying that “the health insurance is a big help as they are always getting hurt while playing around. The paid time off benefits are important too, as there are a lot of functions and parent-teacher conferences that I need to attend at their school. I don’t have to worry about losing out on that time at work.”

Hometown Health is the insurance division of Renown Health, and serves as Nevada’s largest, locally owned, not-for-profit insurance company. Employees like Samantha make a genuine difference in the health and well-being of our communities as we fight the good fight together.

“Knowing that I work for a company that will never give up on a person or a family like mine means everything to me,” she tells us. “That is the kind of place that I want to be part of.”

If you are looking for a rewarding career where you can have a positive impact on the lives of others, consider joining us at Hometown Health too. Learn more at: https://www.hometownhealth.com/careers-hometown-health/