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From Oncology Nursing to Clinical IT: A Healthcare Career Journey

When Brandi began her career as a Nurse Apprentice at Renown Health, little did she know where that path would lead.

“I started here while I was still in nursing school,” she says. “My hiring leader and fellow oncology nurses were true role models, shaping the nurse I have become today. Renown has supported me in many roles — from a bedside nurse, to a leader, and now in my role in clinical IT as a Senior Application Specialist.”

Brandi explains that one reason she transitioned to Information Technology from a nursing leadership role was an opportunity to spend more time with her family. “A flexible schedule allows me to be present with my family, making them a priority, without compromising my career.”

“Stepping away from direct patient care and beginning an entirely new role was intimidating, but it has challenged me to grow outside of my comfort zone,” she continues. “I quickly realized I could provide the same positive impact to patient lives, although much of my work is behind the scenes.”

Even though her role has changed, Brandi never forgets where she started her career as an oncology nurse. “Cancer patients are truly my heroes. They inspire me to be a better person and professional. With each project I complete, I consider the patient and evaluate the downstream effects. I fight the good fight so that the bedside clinicians have the tools to provide safe, quality care to their patients in a confident manner.”

Are you a nurse interested in clinical IT? Or an IT professional interested in healthcare? You can learn more about our work at Renown Health here: https://careers.renown.org/career-areas/information-technology/