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We’re more than a Call Center team. We are patient advocates.

A career in our Call Center at Renown Health means always being there for our patients, working on their questions and concerns. It means helping them fight the good fight by making sure we take care of all their health and wellness needs.

Telemedicine Scheduler, Danara, fights the good fight by “going above standard workflow and putting my effort into every interaction I have. It’s making the difference between providing ‘okay’ services and giving ‘amazing’ service.”

“In the healthcare industry, we face many emotional situations and have to ensure every interaction receives top-quality care. No matter the situation with an employee, patient, office or project, I will put in 110% effort to ensure it is completed properly, even if it takes extra time, Because at the end of the day, at the Contact Center, we are our patients’ advocate and make a difference in their lives.”

“I chose to work at Renown for the growth opportunities, and because of the personal connections I could have through my interactions here,” Danara continues. “I feel the hospital industry is something everyone needs and there is stability when it comes to a career. Renown provides a lot of growth with areas I can move into to become what I inspire to be.”

Danara appreciates the support and motivation she receives to grow as an employee here. “I have never had so much opportunity to get advice from leaders,” she says. “The career advising program, training, and supervisor one-on-one time is extremely crucial in building loyalty. Renown has the tools and resources for all employees to grow and I truly appreciate the time everyone has taken with me. I feel that I am building my roots here to grow, and that is what I value most in an organization.”

Danara’s ultimate goal is to be promoted into a position where she can become an expert and enjoy a long-term career. What are your goals? And how might a Call Center career at Renown help you fulfill them?

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