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Travel no more: These nurses found their home with us.

We love our traveling nurses. But we love it, even more, when they convert to full-time hires and become part of our health system. Meet Denvey, Chrissy and Alana, three RNs who did just that!

Denvey, a Registered Nurse who grew up in Ohio, became a Travel Nurse to find a new home. “I was very nervous driving 2,400 miles to a new city where I knew no one,” she says about her assignment at Renown. “But I was immediately welcomed by staff in the Roseview surgery department. They made me feel like a family member and made sure I never spent a weekend alone. I loved my experience so much, that I extended my contract twice.”

She ultimately joined us as a permanent part of our nursing staff. “I loved the Renown system and all of the opportunities it had to offer to employees,” Denvey explains. “I also love the outdoors, and the Reno area is breathtaking with so much to offer.”

Pediatric Registered Nurse Chrissy also came to Renown on her first travel assignment. And just like Denvey, she never left! “I love the people I work with,” she tells us about her decision to join us. “It’s nice to know when I go into work, that it’s a team effort and you are never alone. Plus, Reno has some great weather, beautiful mountains and lakes, and friendly people.”

Alana, on the other hand, was an experienced Travel Nurse when she came to Reno, working at seven different hospitals before settling down at Renown. “I was pleasantly surprised by both Renown and the Reno-Tahoe area. Of all the places I traveled, I felt most at home here among the mountains and lakes,” says Alana.

She knew what she was looking for and found it. “Renown has a good amount of resources for nursing, as well as opportunities for growth and learning. I tailor my nursing care to each individual patient,” Alana continues. “I love to find out about their family, pets, and hobbies so I know what drives them. I love the people in Reno. Everyone is so warm and inviting.”

If you’re a Travel Nurse who wants to try somewhere different – and maybe just find your new home – we would love to have you here! Learn more about nursing careers at Renown Health!