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How David Brewed Up a New Career Path at Renown Health.

When David first joined Renown as a Barista, he wasn’t sure exactly what the future might bring. But he did know that he had people in his corner who would help him succeed.

“Carrie, my first manager here, saw potential in me,” says David. “She pushed me to become more involved in Renown and helped me join the Wellness Champions. She also helped me win Starbucks’ 2019 District Barista Championship and place in Starbucks’ 2019 Regional Barista Championship.”

“After Carrie, Stephanie became my manager. Even though she was brand new to Renown, she encouraged me to follow my dreams and pursue what made me happy. Ultimately, she was the one who encouraged me to apply for my current role as Supervisor of Retail. Now, Gino is my manager. He pushes me to think critically and has helped me develop my leadership style. He always encourages me to contribute new ideas and has given me lots of room for growth.”

“One of the things that I’m most grateful for is Gino’s sense of understanding,” continues David. “Being in a new role, I’m bound to make mistakes, but I feel that I have the freedom to grow and learn from those mistakes.” As to where he would like for his learning and growth to lead, David isn’t quite sure yet.

“I truly love coming into work,” he says. “I’m so lucky to get to say that I want to come into work instead of have to, so I don’t think I’m going to be actively looking for that next step for a little bit. If I had to choose today, based on my experiences so far, I’d love to eventually transition into a Human Resources role – either in Benefits or Recruiting – and earn my SPHR or SHRM-CP in the future.”

We love David’s hopeful attitude toward his career at Renown and his determination to continue following his dreams. He’s the perfect example of how our supportive culture helps employees reach higher, learn more and build rewarding careers.

If you’d like to work in a place where people are determined to help one another succeed, apply online now at https://careers.renown.org/