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Like Father Like Sons: Meet the Howells

As we flipped the calendar to June and saw Father’s Day approaching, one Renown dad’s story was top of mind: Brian Howell.

Brian has been part of the Renown Health family for 11 years, starting as a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst and moving up to a Database Administrator. What makes his story special is that he has not one, but TWO sons that also work for us here at Renown Health.

“I left a large multi-national company hoping to achieve a better work-life balance,” says Brian. “Renown has been a great place to work, and I think they saw how much I enjoyed the work I do as well as the people I work with.”

Joel, a Data Integration Analyst for us at Hometown Health, told us, “We grew up with computers in the house at an age younger than most so I got early exposure to computers and technology. That has grown into a passion for both and has led me to a career here in Renown IT.”

Likewise, Ian, a Software Developer, says that because of this early exposure to technology at home, he chose to go to the same school as his father, Coleman University, to learn programming skills.

Brian says that working at the same company as his sons has been a great experience. “At one point, we all worked in the same location and would go to lunch together almost daily. We all work in different locations now and don’t see each other at work as often but I get a great sense of pride in having my sons work at Renown. I love to hear about the great work they do from others. I’m grateful they have a chance to work for a company like Renown.”

When they’re not working, this trio likes to enjoy baseball games and have run the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey together multiple times representing Renown and Hometown Health.

What advice does Brian have for his sons? “Continue to find work that is challenging, rewarding, meaningful, as well as fun! Renown has been a great place to work that offers all of those!”

We’d also like to extend a warm congratulations to Ian, who became a father himself in April to a baby girl named Alex.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Renown dads and fathers everywhere who are strong role models and an inspiration for future generations!