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Renown Joins Leading Hospitals Integrating with Apple Health Records


Renown Health is now one of just 97 leading health systems in the country to join the Apple Health records project. This integration is part of the IT Department’s hard work on an exciting update that ties some third party apps into MyChart information for easier, more convenient access to medical record information.

In most cases, Renown Health employees shouldn’t endorse or promote specific third party apps to patients. In some cases, it may be beneficial to the patient to make a recommendation about using an app that can help them in their plan of care. Please review the FHIR policy and contact the MyChart Help Desk at 982-2781 if you have further questions.

With the go-live of FHIR, or Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, apps that have been approved by EPIC can now talk to MyChart and import a patient’s data. Some big name examples include 1Up Health and Apple Health apps. When a patient finds an app that allows for this integration, they will be able to share their MyChart data by following these steps:

  • Open the app and search Renown Health as the healthcare provider
  • Follow the app’s instructions to link their MyChart information
  • When the app directs to the MyChart portal, sign in
  • Review what information will be shared with the app before selecting to allow access
  • Return to the app, which will import MyChart data

By allowing this access, users will be importing any information that is already available in MyChart, such as allergies and lab results. Information not already stored in MyChart and provider notes will not transfer. Currently, this tool does not allow users to input or share data back into MyChart.

Benefits for users include easy access for those who utilize more than one healthcare network or who travel out-of-network. As opposed to the PDF format currently available by requesting your Medical Records, this tool releases information directly to your phone, where it will be encrypted to that device.