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Passion for the profession

I remain in nursing because…


Amanda Thomas RN, BSN, OCN
Renown Outpatient Infusion Center

Twelve to fourteen hours have passed since I was home with my loved ones…my feet tired and mind ready to rest, I walk through my front door. Certain days are harder than others, but one thing I have learned on my nursing journey is that I am privileged each day I work to make sincere contributions to the care of my patients and their loved ones’ lives. Some days it can be easy to feel lost as to “why” our patients choose to go through such intense treatments.

Recently, I exchanged a sacred moment with a patient’s daughter that left my heart feeling beyond grateful for the gifts I have been blessed with in order to provide others with an extended gift of life. It was at this moment with this sweet 10-year-old girl that I learned her father’s “why”. She was full of life and I knew he was fighting to spend as much time with her as possible. This powerful experience inspired me and left a mark on my heart.

Moments pass us by without a thought during certain times in our lives. What I have come to realize is that we are given the gift to bless others with extended moments they may not have otherwise had the pleasure of experiencing.

Moments to remember…

…holding a loved one’s hand

…breathing in the tenderness of a child’s snuggle

…taking in a beautiful sunrise or sunset

…laughing with a kindred soul

…celebrating a birthday or anniversary with a special someone

…feeling a soft breeze brush across our skin

…being mindful of a moment with no pain and only love

…taking in a first moment with a child or grandchild

…reading a bedtime story to a young sweet soul

…dining with a dear companion

…watching the earth come alive in springtime

…worshipping a spiritual connection

That precious young girl lost her father and I still think of her to this day.  I learned a great lesson that day while chatting with her and have felt inspired to learn my patients’ “why” ever since. Learning a patient’s special “why” allows me to support them fully on their journey.

It is during the moment when one feels overwhelmed that one should remember how blessed we as nurses are to have the gifts to allow happiness to enter another’s life.  I believe the gifts we are able to provide for others are beyond measurable.

I remember this when I go home feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and it makes those tired feet more tolerable.

I would like to thank each and every one of my fellow nurses for your commitment to providing others with a life filled with precious moments. It is in each of these moments that we celebrate the preciousness of life.

May we all remember how much love and power we hold in the precious moments we show up in our careers and daily lives. I truly cannot think of a greater gift to bring to another’s life.

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Renown’s Social Media Earns a Top National Honor

Renown Health earned a No. 40 placing on the list of the 101 Most Social Media Friendly Hospitals of 2018. Congratulations to Emily Bacheller, Interactive Media Business Partner, and the Marketing and Communications, Recruitment and Renown Health Foundation employees who help provide content for Renown’s sites on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

The 101 list is put together by the national website Graduate Nursing EDU. For their list, they reviewed hundreds of hospital social media accounts and ranked top providers on how they use these platforms to keep patients, families and faculty connected. “We wanted to recognize the ones who have put time and effort into their social media presence and made it a resource that people can rely on,” the site states.

Take a look at the full list to see Renown’s entry.

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CBO’s ‘Backpack Blitz’ Helps Local Children

As part of an effort to help the community, employees in the Central Business Office recently collected a lot of school supplies to help Kids Kottage, which provides temporary care for Washoe County’s abused and neglected children until they can be returned safely to families or placed in a foster home. A photo of some of the supplies raised is shown above.

Dawn Clifford, Supervisor of the Business Office-Cash Support, said that the CBO’s Celebration Committee held a “Backpack Blitz” for the 12 children who are currently at Kids Kottage.

“We had an amazing response from the CBO teams,” Clifford said. “The committee donated 12 backpacks and the supplies were all donated by employees.  We have amazing employees and a committee that is all heart.”

Clifford said that due to the generosity of the employees, “not only will the backpacks be stuffed but there is plenty of extra that will be well utilized by the kids.”