Housekeeping, with a very different perspective.

July 31, 2018

“Serving patients is so rewarding.”

When you think about critically significant jobs in healthcare, housekeeping might not be the first thing that comes to mind.

However, once you consider the importance of cleanliness, sanitation and infection control, you get an entirely different perspective about the work. It’s unlike any other housekeeping job you might imagine, and it comes with many rewards.

Lily Carlblom, who has been with Renown Health since 2011, describes what it’s like to work here. “This business is different from the casinos, for example. Here, you deal with a patient. Not a customer who is spending money for entertainment. This is someone who is sick and these could be their last days. Serving patients feels more rewarding. It’s a very different perspective on housekeeping.”

Lily’s coworker, Jose Salazar, who has recently been promoted to team leader after four years at Renown, wholeheartedly agrees. “The cleaning is the same but how you treat patients is very different than customers. People are sick and on medication. You have to be patient and compassionate.”

Lily chimes in with similar thoughts. “We are a community. We all engage each other and are on the same page. If you are new here, you don’t have to worry. The team will help you out and make sure you feel welcome. I think Renown is the greatest place in northern Nevada.”

The housekeeping team at Renown is truly like a family. Especially for Lily, Jose and Karen Rodriguez all of whom work – or have worked – in the Emergency Room. “In the ER, we’re all on the same page,” Lily explains. “We all know what everyone is doing and work like a team – nurses, doctors and everyone. The day goes fast.”

Something else that is unique about working at Renown is the ability to achieve work-life balance. “Other employers, like the casinos, aren’t flexible about time off. Here, that is never an issue,” says Karen, who is a team lead. “I like to spend time with my kids. This job is great for a single mother like me.”

“It’s a good job with opportunities and good benefits. My brother pushed me to apply and I’m so happy to work here. He works here too. Renown values that we have a life outside of work. We have respect here.Lilly and Jose definitely agree with Karen, as they also have time to balance their busy lives, with children and outside interests. “I love the flexible schedule. I have two teenagers and I am able to work my schedule around my family,” Lily says. “I also appreciate my insurance and salary. I couldn’t be here if they didn’t have these wonderful benefits.”

If you’ve never thought about a housekeeping career in healthcare, now is the time to join Lily, Jose and Karen here at Renown. We’re always looking for good people who want a great opportunity to learn, grow and serve their community.