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See the Top Talent of the Quarter

The Top Talent program is designed to recognize amazing employees who impact our organization positively by exhibiting our organizational values, impacting quality, service and our community, and moving our organizational strategy forward.

Descriptions below are from nominations for the Top Talent winners submitted on the Everyday Amazing site.

Top Talent of the Quarter

Jennifer Allen, Director of Nursing, Renown South Meadows

It looks like Jennifer Allen received a fun surprise party at Renown South Meadows for her Top Talent award.

Recently, Jenn encountered a patient that was lost and asked if she could assist the patient. The patient had a doctor’s appointment but couldn’t remember the doctor’s name or location, just that it was an orthopedic appointment. Jenn walked with the patient to the Medical B Pavilion to see if her appointment was there. After calling a nearby ortho office, they found out the patient appointment was not at Renown South Meadows. Jenn spoke with the other office’s staff and the staff assured that they would still take her. Jenn took even more time to find where the patient’s family member was parked outside. Jenn is the example of how we should all go above and beyond for patients and families, regardless of how long it might take. She epitomizes We C.A.R.E.


Lyle Engler, Director of Clinical Practice, Renown Home Health

Lyle took the initiative to look deeper into how a recent patient’s death could improve future patient care and safety. Her sincere concern for the patients on our service and huge heart for both our clinicians and patients shows through so clearly. Due to her continuing to strive for excellence, we are now rolling out improved patient education, including a new build for precautions to be flagged in Epic. We are also looking at new ways to help patients dispose of old unused medications. She is an exemplary individual who has used her experience and knowledge to better this department while collaborating and including the whole team in the process. She is a true gem to have in the organization and an inspiration to us all.


Robert Faber, Social Work Care Coordinator

Prior to discharge, a patient needed a specific medication to help protect her from neurological decline. Robert arranged with a pharmacy for the medication to be ordered and available the following day. After discharge, the patient arrived at the pharmacy to discover the medication was not there due to a brand change. The medication was crucial and needed every four hours, so waiting another day could have devastating results. Robert called every pharmacy and discovered there was no local supply. He then collaborated with our Josie Kelley, Clinical Pharmacist, to arrange for the inpatient pharmacy to make the medication and loan it to The Healthcare Center pharmacy, so the patient could receive the medications in the most timely manner and save on cost. This is how Robert treats every challenge – all in!


Ginger Kuhnmuench, Children’s ER, Renown Children’s Hospital

A patient had experienced some customer service issues with Renown’s Emergency department, including being shuffled from one employee to another. Ginger eventually reached out to the patient, who relayed the rest of the story: “It took the outstanding efforts of Ginger to make all this happen. She stood in the gap and went above and beyond to make sure we got the care we needed. It was really scary when it was all happening, and I was wondering if we were going to be able to get the care we needed. But throughout our multiple phone calls, Ginger was reassuring and confident. She promised results and she delivered them. Employees and managers of this caliber are rare. You have a special resource in your midst there. She reinforced my faith in people and in the medical process when it works the way it is supposed to.”


Bronwyn Long, Registered Nurse, Recovery Room, Renown South Meadows

Bronwyn Long with her award.

Bronwyn audited and completed one-on-one training regarding Joint Commission standards since the start of the year. Bronwyn leads the way in identifying, upholding and improving not only the professional standards of the organization but also perioperative nursing. Bronwyn addressed lack of documentation that was eliminated with the recent Epic upgrade; the team is currently rebuilding the post-op template. Bronwyn pointed out through exhaustive weekly audits that the do-not-resuscitate status was not being documented pre-operatively, which was addressed with the Quality department. Bronwyn adjusts her schedule to the demands of the unit and always picks up extra hours and call several times a week. She is the most detailed nurse I have ever worked with over two decades. Thank you for your uncompromising dedication to excellence.


Adam Porath, Pharmacy Manager Ambulatory, Anti-Coagulation Services

Adam is constantly looking for ways to improve quality and access to care of people in our community. He has laid the groundwork for amazing initiatives to pinpoint critical healthcare concerns in our community like hypertension and diabetes. He is a leader for pharmacist-driven care in our city. He is passionate about anticoagulation and a known expert in our region. It is rare that you find Adam in his day-to-day office due to the many hats he wears. He is often walking over to the The Healthcare Center pharmacy, offering his training/services at Community Health Alliance, or in meetings. He is an extraordinary leader, allowing members of our department to grow and branch out in areas of interest/expertise, all the while remaining family-oriented.


Caleigh Sollinger, Nursing Coordinator, Nursing Operations, Renown Regional Medical Center

Caleigh Sollinger with her award

Caleigh, thank you for all your hard work with the sitter reduction plan. As a leader it is nice to be able to speak to process improvements with team members that will help make our work more efficient. The team has recognized a significant reduction in their employees getting pulled to be patient safety assistants on other units. Through your hard work and development of the sitter reduction plan, you have created an improvement that has not only affected employee satisfaction but also is more efficient overall. Thank you again for all your hard work.


Jessica Thompson, Pharmacy Clinical Specialist, Renown Regional Medical Center

Jessica Thompson, at right, with her award.

Year over year, Jessica has set goals for the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program. She took a different approach for FY18 and focused on Back to Basics. Without a physician leader for the program, Jessica identified goals that the pharmacist could focus on to achieve better patient care outcomes in regards to antibiotic use. Through Jessica’s leadership, we will achieve all of our goals this year in addition to continue to see antimicrobial use and cost decrease. Jessica continues to have a focus on excellent patient care outcomes and finds a way to make it happen in the face of extreme obstacles and setbacks. Jessica is a model for the Excellence value.


Lesley Westhoff, Social Work Care Coordinator

Lesley went above and beyond for a young foreign patient who experienced multiple fractures to his pelvis and lower extremities, as well as a collapsed lung, that has delayed his return flight. Lesley came to our unit to provide support, and she noticed that the current plan was to discharge the patient and his father to a local hotel until he was cleared to fly two weeks later. Lesley formulated a new plan to directly contact a skilled nursing facility in the patient’s home country through phone, email and Whatsapp. Lesley then contacted the patient’s  insurance to determine if the patient could be transferred directly from Renown to the other skilled nursing facility, so the patient could continue to receive direct care and acquire a comfortable flight back.