Celebrate Amazing Event: See Winners, Photos from this Special Day

April 1, 2018

It was a festive night full of masks, awards, dancing and good times as part of Celebrate Amazing. This event to honor Renown employees took place on March 16 at Grand Sierra Resort.

To see more from the event – including some amazing photos of our CEO showing off his juggling skills – go to the Renown Flickr page.

During the event, honorees were named for Top Talent and Women of Achievement from Renown. They are:


  1. Megan Pagni – Director of Contracting
    Megan was nominated for taking the initiative to enhance the services of her department and building relationships with our payors to address challenges. She is a strategic thinker and has been instrumental in achieving significant financial savings with our organizational contracts.
  2. Brian May – Risk Adjustment Supervisor
    Brian was nominated for being highly respected and assisting with process improvement. His hard work with the Population Health Management Office, Hometown Health and Medical Group improved member access to care. He has also worked on care gap closures to improve Senior Care Plus goals.
  3. Allison Saunders – Manager of Nursing
    Allison was nominated for her work to decrease hospital acquired infections, her excellent follow-through on Back to Basics, being a great leader to others, and for leading Tele 8 while it has gone more than three years without a catheter-associated infection.
  4. Ian Wayman – Director of Clinical Engineering and Medical Equipment
    Ian was nominated for being a great collaborator who is respected by staff and colleagues. He produced particularly great work related to Joint Commission requirements and in efforts to integrate all medical equipment contracts for better stewardship.
  5. Crystal Boehne –Health Plan Performance Analyst
    Crystal was nominated for her contributions to reaccreditation with Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC), ensuring that more than 1,300 items were complete. She volunteers regularly for projects above and beyond her normal role, creates trainings for others, collaborates frequently and demonstrates a great attitude.
  6. Tiffany Harper – Registered Nurse, Clinical Ladder 2
    Tiffany was nominated for participating in several process improvement initiatives. She also serves as an infection control champion committee and performs educational in-services regularly for other nurses to ensure standards are being met in her unit.
  7. Jessica Moore – Social Work Care Coordinator
    Jessica was nominated for coordinating a response to a suicidal patient which ultimately saved that person’s life. She also works on community projects such as a sex trafficking task force and process improvement initiatives. She also started an employee support group for traumatic case and post-case follow up.
  8. Amanda Thomas – Registered Nurse, Infusion Services
    Amanda was nominated for the work she has done in her new role as triage nurse. She has developed guidelines for reviewing all chemotherapy orders, ensures testing is done, has identified many “good catches” that have prevented harm to patients, volunteers on the infusion quality committee and takes initiative without being asked.


Renown Health Winners

  1. Crystal Lopez, Manager of Medical Oncology
    Crystal currently mentors high school students at Carson High School to promote successful graduates. She encourages all our Medical Assistants to take professional training classes offered at Renown. She has successfully completed her MBA and is always looking to better ways grow professionally for herself and others.
  2. Christina Alsop, Oncology Nurse Practitioner
    Christina’s focus on the advancement of women and men in nursing is evident in her strong mentorship of RNs and APRNs. She has supported and influenced the professional development of countless students. She has also helped to advance knowledge in her colleagues through her presentations of challenging cases at Renown’s multidisciplinary tumor conferences.
  3. Ginger Kuhnmuench, Manager of Children’s ER
    Ginger is always willing to give her time to benefit the children of our community. She is also on the Renown Foundation Business Council to raise money to support our Children’s Hospital. Ginger is a member of the Washoe County Child Death Review Team, which helps identify trends or educational opportunities. She also empowers her team to continue their educational endeavors and career goals.


Community Winner

Heidi Parker, Immunize Nevada
Heidi is an active volunteer, including work with Renown. At Immunize Nevada, she leads and engages with a diverse and passionate coalition of staff, volunteers, partners, and donors across Nevada, promoting immunizations in rural, urban and frontier communities. She has dedicated her career to affecting the community in a positive way, whether working with Head Start families, victims of violence, college students or Nevadans needing immunizations. ​