Pediatricians rise to the occasion at Renown Children’s Hospital

January 29, 2018

“We have the right culture here.”

In the two years that Dr. Max Coppes has worked as Physician-in-Chief at Renown Children’s Hospital (and simultaneously at the Nell J. Redfield Chair of Pediatrics at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine), he’s been a catalyst for change and new opportunities. He has a vision for Renown Children’s Hospital to be the leading force in pediatric care. Dr. Coppes and Larry Duncan, Administrator of Renown Children’s Hospital, see what is possible in terms of meeting the needs of a community where many of the children are currently underserved.

“Reno needs a multifaceted hospital and it really is possible to achieve this. In addition to pediatric subspecialists, general pediatrics is an integral part of a successful children’s hospital, given the needs for teaching and research. We are therefore growing our general pediatrics division as part of our bigger vision. I want to have at least 15 general pediatric providers (pediatricians or NPs), in addition to an expanding cadre of pediatric specialists. I want the input, thoughts, and active involvement of general pediatrics as we establish a vibrant children’s hospital in Reno,” says Dr. Coppes.

“We are a dynamic, progressive group that strives to make a mark on our community and Children’s Hospital. When you join Renown, you’re coming into a Children’s Hospital that has exploded in subspecialty providers. Many of the new providers come from out of town and bring new ideas with them. Our employees are excited to help build the pediatric care experience for the families of northern Nevada.”

In recent years, Renown Children’s Hospital has built a collaborative relationship with the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine. “Together, we are capable of coming up with creative solutions to what may have been challenging in the past,” explains Dr. Coppes. “We are now in the position to look at developing a residency program in Pediatrics, which is a vision strongly supported by Renown Health’s CEO Dr. Tony Slonim (himself a pediatrician) and Dr. Thomas Schwenk, Dean of the School of Medicine.”

“We have now established Renown Children’s Hospital version “2.0”. There has been an incredible growth and evolution in what we can offer to children in the past 2 years to the extent that we can now provide more complex Children’s Hospital care to the community.”

General pediatricians will have every opportunity to develop their careers at Renown Children’s Hospital. Dr. Coppes believes that the larger the staff grows, the more likely it is for new hires to be able to chart their path whether that means participating in research, pursuing an MBA or PhD, or supporting the academic work of others. “As you interview with us,” Dr. Coppes continues, “we would like to know how you define success. We want to be a part of making sure you obtain that success.”

Part of achieving success at Renown Children’s Hospital has to do with the chance to balance life and work. General pediatricians work Monday-Friday, with a rotating on-call schedule. That leaves plenty of time to enjoy the Reno-Tahoe area’s healthy outdoor lifestyle.

“Wherever you drive in Reno, you see the mountains,” describes Dr. Coppes. “I love that we have four seasons for skiing, hiking and golf. Plus, every weekend there is something going on. So many cool things to do and people are extremely nice. I also love that you can drive anywhere you need in Reno within 20 minutes.”

“Most of all, however, I love an environment where there is a vision for the future and the tools to execute that vision. And that is what we have at Renown Children’s Hospital.”