Renown Supports Healthy Activities through City of Reno License Plate Sales, Matching Donations

December 23, 2017

For the next five weeks, Renown Health is teaming up with the City of Reno to encourage sales of a license plate that supports health and wellness activities for everyone in the community we serve.

As announced on Nov. 29, this effort is aimed at selling 500 additional Reno license plates by Dec. 29. A donation of $25 for each plate sale currently goes to Reno Parks and Recreation, but Renown is matching that donation to support affordable access to Parks and Rec services. Plus, Reno City Council member David Bobzien is donating $25 for every plate sold to one of 22 charities. If 500 plates are sold, about $12,500 will go to local charities.

For every plate purchased in this timeframe:

Renown will match with a $25 donation of its own to support affordable access to Parks and Rec services that benefit the health and wellness of our community.

Bobzien will also match with a $25 donation, via his council donation funds, to one of 22 charities on behalf of the purchaser. Go to Reno.Gov/Plate for the list of charities.​

Why is this effort lasting just five weeks? Because the City of Reno has until the end of the year to sell 1,000 of these special plates or they will no longer be manufactured or issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). There are currently 500 active Reno plates in Nevada.

“We are passionate about helping provide affordable access to healthy activities here at home,” said Wendy Damonte, Vice President of Community Partnerships and Advocacy at Renown. “As a healthcare network focused on overall health and well-being, Renown is excited to join this effort and give back to Parks and Rec services that benefit the health and wellness of our friends, family and neighbors.”

The money raised by the charitable plates will provide a boost in funding to give residents access to beautiful parks, trails, playgrounds, youth and senior services, sports leagues and more.

“As Reno continues to grow, this funding is more important than ever,” Bobzien says. “Our outdoor recreational opportunities are what set us apart from other cities, and we need to continue to preserve and improve our parks, trails and programs.”

For more information, visit Reno.Gov/Plate. To order a plate, visit your local DMV. If you plan to visit the Reno DMV office at 305 Galletti Way, skip the wait and make an appointment online.