Endless Possibilities for Pulmonary Physicians at Renown

December 20, 2017

“You can create new programs here.”

The level of enthusiasm that Nelson Velasquez, Practice Manager for Renown Pulmonary Medicine, has for Renown Health’s Pulmonary Medicine department is undeniable. Not only is he challenged by the diversity of patients and diagnoses, he’s excited by the possibilities for the future of pulmonary care in northern Nevada.

“We were a private pulmonary group that transitioned over to become employees of Renown Health. This has given us the chance to design new programs and attract additional physicians to join us here in Reno,” Velasquez explains. “The initiatives that we have underway are pushing the envelope on big advances with technology and healthcare combined.”

This has a lot to do with Renown Health CEO Dr. Tony Slonim who is spearheading investments in joint ventures and partnerships with outside groups. According to Velazquez, Slonim exhibits the passion, inspiration and fire to “uplift all of the leaders in the organization.”

“Renown wants to be an industry leader, not a follower,” Velasquez continues. “We are looking to develop sub branches of pulmonary care, as we have a large population with a variety of respiratory diagnoses and complexities. We see it all – from COPD, asthma and lung nodules to potential cancers and interstitial lung disease.”

“Joining Renown Health is a great opportunity for physicians who want to play a role in developing new programs,” stresses Velasquez. “Renown wants to invest in the future, and the future is their people. You can create something that has not yet been established in the community. You can pioneer growth instead of stepping into a program that already exists.”

Renown Health is committed to giving the community of Reno the best pulmonary care in all of northern Nevada. Everyone on the team supports one another; everyone has a voice to speak up about the practice. The organization also boasts a good relationship with local providers and a great work-life balance for their own physicians.

“We have some physicians who work 26 weeks per year, one week on and then one week off,” says Velasquez. “Others, like myself, work 42 weeks per year, Monday through Friday, during clinic hours. No call or night coverage to worry about. Either way, our pulmonologists have a lot of time to enjoy their friends and families.”

“My family travels quite a bit and takes the opportunity to enjoy Lake Tahoe as much as we can. We do a lot of hiking and are hoping to pick up snowboarding as a new family hobby this year. The Reno-Tahoe area is very unique. There is an ambiance of culture, with a ton of outdoor living and activities. For anyone who is looking for a small town feel but still wants to be part of a city, this is the best of both worlds!”

“Everyone is very easy going in Reno,” Velasquez concludes. “People enjoy having fun and interacting with each other. It’s not always about work – we take pride in our personal lives too.”