New Care Coordination Team Impresses Grateful Patient

November 16, 2017

A recent positive experience between an employee and a patient speaks well to all three of the pillars of Renown’s Back to Basics portion of the strategic plan: clinical quality, process efficiency and service excellence. It also shows how teamwork helps strengthen the patient experience at Renown.​

It started when Courtney, an Outpatient Clinical Pharmacist with Renown’s Care Coordination team, received a referral to review a home health patient’s medication. This is part of her regular work, as Renown is the only health network in the region with pharmacy review for patient medication reconciliation.

While looking through the patient’s record, Courtney didn’t notice any medication errors but did see that the patient was using Tylenol PM, which has Benadryl (diphenhydramine), for pain relief. The patient was over age 65, and Courtney knew that Benadryl may contribute to falls and confusion. Courtney then notified the patient directly that they should use regular Tylenol instead for pain relief.

When the patient was informed of this attention to detail, she contacted Renown to praise Courtney for giving her that extra layer of support.

Courtney works with the Care Coordination team at Renown’s location on Locust Street. When a patient of Renown is referred to the team, they receive key details. The team – which includes nurses, pharmacists and social workers – compares medications with the discharge summary to make sure there are no care gaps.

This process began in September, and Courtney said it’s been going very well, with many patients showing appreciation for the calls and interventions as needed.

“I think it’s great because we can provide a wrap-around service for the patient,” Courtney said. “If they need education on a certain disease, a nurse on the team can follow up. And, if the patient can’t afford medication, the social workers can see if they qualify for a program to help with the cost.”

The team can also speak directly with members of a patient’s care team, including physicians or care providers, to make sure that quality and process is being followed at every step.

“It feels good to know that what we are doing is making a difference in people’s lives,” Courtney said.