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LEAD Rounds Spotlight: Melodie Osborn Gets To Know Employees at Renown South Meadows

Remember your first day at a new school? Walking into the lunchroom when you don’t know anyone yet is scary, and you’re thinking, “Where do I sit?” But after rounding at the Renown South Meadows Emergency Department, Melodie Osborn knows quite a few people in the hospital’s cafeteria and has no problem walking right up to a table full of nurses and managers to chat.

As the Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer of Transitional Care Services, Osborn has just finished her LEAD Rounds experience with Jennifer, Manager of Nursing, South Meadows Emergency Department guiding her in getting to know front-line employees and their work.

“I think the most interesting thing for me, no matter which area I round in, is that I always find an opportunity for us in transitional care to collaborate better,” Osborn said. “We have the ability to collaborate differently and be able to enhance the care for our patients.”

The LEAD Rounds program pairs one senior management leader with a different team from across the Renown network to help open the lines of communication and make connections across departments and employees. Senior leaders address employee concerns and questions while they’re rounding in their front line areas. Leaders round for 12 weeks in the selected departments, and new leaders are rotated in quarterly.

“On an individual level, what I really appreciated is that when Melodie came she developed relationships and friendships with the staff,” Jennifer said. “My team now feels comfortable reaching out to Melodie about their ideas or concerns – they want to know that the higher level leaders hear them too.”

Osborn brought lots of experience and strong community contacts to the Emergency Department to help them solve problems and make improvements.

After the team voiced their frustrations about patient readmissions related to feeding tubes, Osborn helped remove communication barriers to educate caregivers at community skilled nursing facilities. She helped coordinate an educational class at Renown’s Simulation Lab open to all skilled nursing facilities on how to care for patients with these feeding tubes, which will help prevent readmissions.

“It was nice to finally have progress on this problem,” Jennifer said. “I had been reaching out to individual facilities and I wasn’t getting a lot of response, so it was super beneficial to have Melodie’s support.”

“LEAD Rounds across the board have been so beneficial on so many different levels,” Osborn said. “I’ve gotten to visit so many different areas that I’ve never been in.”