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First Renown Rose Award

Michelle was named as the first Renown Rose Award winner for being an outstanding role model who provides safe and compassionate care to patients and families. Michelle is a Senior Medical Assistant with the Medical Oncology office at Renown Medical Group.

Michelle earned the award at a ceremony during the National Medical Assistant Week education event on Oct. 20, where she was presented the award by Dr. Tony Slonim, President and CEO of Renown Health. See the MA Week Flickr site for photos from this event and others during MA Week.

She received 14 total nominations for the award, which was chosen by a committee of Renown Medical Group leaders. A total of 116 nominations were received for the award. Here are just a few of the comments from the nomination forms:

“Michelle knows everything about her work and still manages to keep a fun yet professional working attitude. She is respected and liked around the office. All-around rock star!”

“She is always willing to help me when I am in need. She ensures tasks are completed when it may be difficult to complete during a busy clinic. She shows compassion for our patients.”

“She is an amazing teacher, very nice and reassuring. All of her patients absolutely love her and she makes every patient comfortable. She follows all protocols and keeps composed.”

“She will go out of her way to help train and explain processes to new employees. She is always going out of her way to make sure Dr. Ambika’s patients that need to be presented at Tumor Board are presented in a timely manner.”

“Recently we had a mutual patient between research and Medical Oncology. This patient required multiple appointments. Rather than duplicate efforts, Michelle contacted us and we were able to assist the patient in a timely manner.”