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Congratulations to our Latest DAISY winners, Jennifer and Amanda!

We are proud to recognize Registered Nurses Jennifer, Sierra ICU, Renown Regional Medical Center and Amanda, Infusion Services, Renown Regional Medical Center, as the latest winners of the DAISY award, which recognizes nurses for making a genuine difference for patients.

Jennifer’s Nomination
“We had a patient who was admitted to the ICU and also recently became homeless. He got word that his dog was sick and needed to be put down while he was stuck in the hospital and was torn up about it. Jenny offered to go pick up his dog from animal control and take the dog to be put down and cremated. She got funding together from various people to pay for the cremation and was able to get a discount from the cremation company after telling them the story. She then came in on her day off and brought the patient the cremation remains as the patient requested. I took care of him that day and he was so touched by Jenny – even to the point of tears. It was such a selfless act – above and beyond – that she took the time to do this for that patient.” Read more about Jennifer’s act of kindness here.

Amanda’s Nomination
“This nurse rocks it with each and every patient every visit. Amanda had a patient come in for ‘just a lab draw’ and possibly some cryo. The patient had just gotten out of the acute care facility and looked to be failing and needed to return. Well, needless to say, this was depressing for the patient as he had a granddaughter graduating. Amanda called and arranged through multiple care providers and his MD the ability to return to the acute care facility AFTER he attended graduation. She set up multiple entities so he could be there for a special moment. This is not unusual for Amanda, she does this all the time. Looking at each patient and assessing what is important to them and how she can help them with their journey. Amanda, YOU ROCK!”

Nominate a Colleague for the DAISY Award
Do you have a colleague who has made a difference when it comes to patient care or service? Then nominate your colleague for a DAISY Award. Nominating a deserving coworker is easy —complete the online nomination form with your leader, which is forwarded to a nurse committee for review.