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Patient Experience Exercise Profoundly Impacts RNs Career

LaNae, BSN, RN, Renown Rehabilitation Hospital, was in her first week of orienting in the Transitional Care residency program when she took part in a patient experience exercise.

The exercise, which paired LaNae with one of her patients, required LaNae mirror one of her patient’s conditions so she could learn the challenges patients face and how to provide the best nursing care possible. This experience gave LaNae a better understanding of just how important the care employees provide directly correlates with a patient’s recovery.

As part of the exercise that all new grads go through at Renown Rehab, LaNae was placed in a wheelchair and was told she was a hemiplegic on her dominant side – meaning she could only use her non-dominant side for all mobility and self-care. A chair alarm was placed on her back for safety and she was paired with her patient that she followed to therapies throughout the day.

LaNae shares her thoughts in an essay about her experience as well as what she learned that will better her relationship with her patients. Among the things she took away from the experience was making sure patients know their needs are not a burden.

“This experience taught me very important lessons including how vulnerable losing my independence made me feel,” LaNae shares. “I did not like needing to bother people to help me and it embarrassed me to do so. I felt like an extra burden they did not need, even though no one ever treated me like a burden or had a negative attitude about helping me. I now understand how important it is to remind our patients that they are not a burden on us and that we look forward to helping them in order to keep them safe from avoidable injuries.”

Read LaNae’s full essay on her experience here.