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Renown’s Strategic Plan for This Year


For Fiscal Year 2018, there are three parts to the Renown strategic plan that will help the health network better realize our vision of inspiring better health in our communities with our partners. Here’s a quick look at each part of the plan and how it ties in to daily work at Renown.​

These are the fundamentals that need to improve in order for all of our initiatives to succeed. There are four parts to Back to Basics:

  • Service Excellence: courtesy, respect, living our values
  • Process Efficiency: knowing, understanding and improving key processes
  • Clinical Quality: make improvements across the health network
  • Data Availability and Visibility: create dashboards to improve transparency and outcomes







Population Health is about leveraging Renown’s assets to transform the way we serve all of our population. The parts include:

  • 2020 Plan: this will ensure a clear vision of population health for the community’s future
  • Right Service, Right Place, Right Time: a service model that includes capacity planning for the community’s needs
  • Transitions of Care: ensuring that we have the right care settings
  • Data Integration: making a defined roadmap for delivering, receiving and integrating outside data.








Outreach targets how we expand the populations we serve and remain viable as a health network. It includes:

  • Service Territory: expanding beyond our current care footprint
  • Southern Nevada: grow OneHealth, our insurance company in that region
  • Local Community: expand and nurture our community partnerships
  • Expand Primary Care Access: expand to better serve our population
  • Innovate: identify new ways to advance our mission