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RN Finds Value in Communication from Leadership in Training Program

Four Registered Nurses are taking part in the Leadership in Training program as part of Enrich-U. From left to right are Val Jakubos, Naf Sarkar, Marcie Miller and Tracy Janke.

The Leadership in Training Program through Enrich-U launched mid-March. The 12-week program focuses on preparing employees for leadership roles through an intensive training on Renown’s 16 leadership competencies.

Participants meet weekly for four hours for the duration of the three-month program. The time commitment also includes various homework projects and one-on-one time with a sponsor who will provide guidance and feedback throughout the program.

“I like that this program is bringing a focus inward so I am able to focus on how I talk to people, how I receive information and how I relay information,” explains Val Jakubos, RN, Roseview ICU. “A lot of times I don’t think we take the time to stop and think before we react. So far this program has definitely helped my interpersonal relationships with my team members and allowed me to focus more on how I interact with people.”

Participants spend the first six weeks of the program learning and practicing leadership competencies.  The second six weeks of the program includes intensive leadership shadowing in the division identified for the participant’s career path.

For more information on this program visit the Enrich-U page on Inside Renown or reach out to enrich-u@renown.org.

Congratulations to the Spring 2017 Program Participants including registered nurses:

  • Val Jakubos, Roseview ICU
  • Tracy Janke, Orthopedics
  • Marcie Miller, Children’s ER
  • Naf Sarkar, Emergency Room